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 Golden Image Awards® is not a competition but exclusively designed to recognize the outstanding individuals and organizations for the creation, innovation and contribution in the field of craft, marketing and industry division.



Who We Are

British Institute of Innovative Enterprises is a gateway for the training and opportunities for information on the latest knowledge in creative, innovative and digital in the European and Asian regions. As an independent fellowship of world-learning scholars and executives; a funding body that supports new creative ideas and innovative designs to voice and support the industry for the past, present and future. 

Established in 2017, the Institute began organising small workshops and training camps to help those that require the knowledge to advance their profession in their industry. Later years, the Institute continues to develop further educations, reward and praise people for supporting the industry for their achievements and success.

Mainstream education does not provide recognition for prior learning nor pathways for those who had left school for several years but have considerable practice experience and professional attainment in their own right. The Institute has achieved considerable recognition by fully acknowledging and recognizing such prior learning. Over the years, we have been inviting distinguish executives in the industry to hold training and seminars as well as offering fellowships and awards to creative executives and leading companies. 

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To be the leading professional organization advancing creative excellence in the European and Asian region.


Bring diverse talents, cultures and industries to foster the creation, marketing and development of innovative ideas, digital designs and cross-platform storytelling.


To represent, act and enhance these field in European and Asian region by inviting well known and respected scholars to our Academy.


Hosting workshops, seminars and international conference to share knowledge. Encourage new invention, people and thoughts in this industry in order to educate the new generations and continue the cycle of quality in these fields.



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Recognition award for team and individual achievements, boosting the organization's reputation and set apart from the crowd.

The benefits this award is to provide a "Quality Mark" giving consumers extra confidence in the quality or origin of the goods and services.