This Year's Award Presentation Ceremony 2019

This year's The Academy's Fellowship and British Insititute award recipients will be presented in Hong Kong. For those who wish to attend the Presentation Ceremony Please contact us or book from the website.

Time & Location

28 Nov, 13:00 – 17:00

Hong Kong Productivity Council, Hong Kong, Kowloon Tong, 又一村達之路78號


About the Event

This year's award presentation ceremony will be held in Hong Kong. Recipients from The Academy's Golden Image Award, Creative Leadership Award and The Academy's Fellowship will be attending. 





The Academy’s Golden Image Awards® is not a competition but exclusively designed to recognize the outstanding individuals and organizations for the creation, innovation and contribution in the field of craft, marketing and industry division.


​Recognition award for team and individual achievements, boosting the organization's reputation and set apart from the crowd. Golden Image Award is nominated by the academy's board of committee for the substantial hard work and commitment towards the industry. The benefits this award is to provide a "Quality Mark" giving consumers extra confidence in the quality or origin of the goods and services. 






The Academy of Micromovie and Transmedia & British Institute of Innovative Enterprises are a gateway for the training and opportunities for information on the latest knowledge in film, media and designs in the European and Asian regions. As an independent fellowship of world-learning scholars and executives; a funding body that supports new creative ideas and innovative designs to voice and support the industry for the past, present and future. 

The Academy's President

Mr Matthew Bell

Mr Mathew Bell, The Academy's President

Dear Esteemed guest, Dears, Fellows, Ladies and Gentlemen: 

The advance of the technology has created new opportunities for creativity in filmmaking, digital media and transmedia around the world.  A culture of new creative approaches to drive the next generation of people to embrace new business models.

Digital technology, rapid growth in high-quality low-cost digital video production and editing software, the rise of online content aggregators among other factors, are lowering barriers for storytelling across multiple media platforms.  The term “transmedia” is becoming an important concept in understanding storytelling across multiple platforms.

The evolution of digital media and devices has changed the model of storytelling, driving the next wave of creative innovation.

The goal of the Academy is to develop the international partnership with academic, industry and government sectors with the purpose of pulling together resources, skills and networks to support the growth of transmedia in the digital industry.

Moving forward, the Academy will contribute to society through collaborative creation, shared knowledge and crafting solutions together with our members and partners.


Best Regards,

Mathew Bell


The Academy's Vice President

Dr Matt Hawkins

Dr Matt Hawkins is a playwright, screenwriter and academic. He has spent the last twenty years not only writing and directing his own scripts but also developing the work of young actors and screenwriters. Matt has designed and run courses for the National Institute of Dramatic Art and Flinders University in Australia and has also taught screenwriting and film production at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the National Film and Television Institute of Ghana. He has also produced and directed over 50 short documentaries for the Flinders Creations film production company and is the recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Innovation in Teaching Award 2019. In 2016, Matt’s online course: The Biz Playbook was awarded the Hertz Prize for Entrepreneurship Educator of the year.

Matt has written extensively for the stage and television in Australia, UK and Ghana. Matt’s short films have been selected in over 25 international film festivals, winning multiple awards. His television credits include Always Greener (7 Network), Life Support (SBS) and The Micallef Program (ABC). He was script editor, writer and show runner for the hit Ghanaian TV series Different Shades of Blue (GTV - Sparrow Productions). His feature film Double Happiness Uranium (2012) was selected for the Boston Sci-Fi Film Festival and the Uranium Film Festival in Brazil. In 2002 he was nominated for an AFI award for screenwriting. He has also been nominated for ten South Australian Screen Awards, winning two.

In 2016 he established the South Australian Playwrights Theatre that has since produced five theatrical seasons that have met with popular and critical acclaim. His play Frank Forbes and the Yahoo Boy was nominated for best show at the SA critics Curtain Call Awards in 2018.

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