• Free listing in the Directory of Golden Image Awards for recipients and finalist. 


  • A feature article for the online newsletter, distributed to more than 5,000 subscribers.

  • Profile of the recipients and finalist will be posted on the website  


  • The recipients will be able to then purchase the Academy's Golden Statuette trophy with name and category details engraved.


  • The recipients can also purchase a wall plaque for offices.

  • The recipients can use the award laurel for any of their own promotion.


Recognition award for team and individual achievements, boosting the organization's reputation and set apart from the crowd with 'Quality Mark'

The Academy's Golden Statuette

The Golden Image Award recipients are eligible to order the statuette trophy featuring an achievement figure grabbing the Academy's Coat of Arms Shield with a book, symbol of knowledge, two crowns and three roses.


The Academy's shield states "Splendor Per Imaginbus" which means "Brightness through Images", representing how the creation of images and transmedia products makes its authors' light shine through it to the public, and rewards this achievement with a physical trophy.

The Golden Statuette is made by solid bronze and plated in gold, which is mounted onto a black marble base and personalized gold plate (13.5 inches tall with a weight of 8.5 pounds). 


Wall Plaque

Recipients are eligible to order the award plaque which comes in gold and silver colour. These award plaques are perfect for displaying in common areas such as receptions, halls or anywhere you want to expose your award.

This high-quality, wood-grain plaque consist of 3 parts: 


  • A flat dark wood board is 9" X 12" inches

  • An 8" X 10" double-plated golden edge on the wooden board

  • The raised graphic relief of the golden image award logo. 

  • Black o/r white text with the recipient's name, the credit, entry category and year awarded. 

Award Certificate

The certificate is called " The Award of Excellence" and are printed A4 size on premium paper with embossed Coat of Arms Seal on it. 

The certificate features the recipient's name, award section, category, it has been emitted, signature by the Academy's president and certify guilloche on the background. 


The elegant border is emblazed with gold foil along with the logo of the academy stamped on the bottom. 


All recipients will receive a complimentary certificate. If you wish to purchase additional certificates, the cost is listed in the Market Place page. (From March-May during the special offering period, the complementary certificate will be suspended. Each recipient will be needed to pay £150 for a certificate.)  



All finalists are also welcome to purchase the certificate (Finalist Award of Excellence) which credits the award for their specific contribution. The cost will also be listed in the Market Place page. 


Award recipients may participate in a licensing program, giving them the right to use the Golden Image Award seal in their publicity and marketing programs. 


The seal can be used in several ways, including: 

  • Websites and other online media 

  • Signature block

  • Banners advertisement

  • Advertising campaigns 

  • In-store displays

  • Print media (e.g) letterhead, name cards and brochures)


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