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Recognition award for team and individual achievements, boosting the organization's reputation and set apart from the crowd. Golden Image Award is nominated by the academy's board of committee for the substantial hard work and commitment towards the industry. The benefits this award is to provide a "Quality Mark" giving consumers extra confidence in the quality or origin of the goods and services. No matter what the material is, you are allowed to pick more than one division to submit. 

Marketing Agency Section
A Marketing agency is a company dedicated to the planning, creation and promotion of marketing programs for its clients. 


Industry Section
An organization in the private, non-profit or government sector which is defined by its principal activity in a specific industry sector. 


Craft Section 
Any person in the production including filmmakers, writers, animators, artist, designers and creative producers. 


**The applicant can choose more than one award section to enter however the application form must be completed separately. 

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