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Entry Checklist

  1. Online entry form

  2. Entry URLs (if applicable) 

  3. Award category or categories

  4. A signed entry release form 

  5. Online payment information 

  6. Entry deadlines 

The Golden Image Awards are open to individuals, marketing agencies and organisation all over the world. You may submit more than one movies, but each must be accompanied by its own entry form and entry fee. 


The award is designed for the convenience of everyone. Please click the online application below.

Please also provide a link to the web location on the entry form for anything external for the application. You may use an online platform such as Vimeo, Dropbox, Youtube or others. Please make sure to secure with a passcode to prevent third-party theft. 



The award is being judged by the usage of Micromovie, social (digital media) and transmedia under these sectors: 


1. Marketing

2. Industry

3. Craft 


There are these sections: marketing agency section, industry section and craft section. Entrants have to select the right section for the entry. 


  • Each section consists of a number of subsections, and entrants have to identify the appropriate subsection for entry. 

  • There are 10 award categories for each section, a single entry can be entered into more than one award category in a specific subsection with the additional entry fees. 

  • You may submit more than one movies, but each must be accomplished by its own entry form and entry fee. 

  • The judges reserve the rights to move an entry across the award categories if they see fit. 

  • For further information, please refer to award categories

  • Entry will be acknowledged via email once payment has cleared. This is in addition to the automated email confirming online application submission. If this does not arrive within 3 working days, it is your responsibility to contact us to confirm the arrival of your entry. 

  • Due to the high volume of entries, we are unable to provide feedback on your entries was/ was not selected. 

  • Entrants retain all of their rights, title and intellectual property. 



Our judging panel, made up of industry specialist, scholars, leading performers and directors, will be responsible for evaluating the entries. Recipients of this prestigious award demonstrate the very best examples of creative excellence before the media and their industry peers. 


Benefits of taking part and recipients the Gloden Image Awards include: 

  1. Global recognition of outstanding achievement and excellence. 

  2. Global media coverage reaching an international audience. 

  3. Market exposure through the golden image awards for promotion and marketing reach. 

  4. A high-powered focus group review of your nomination 

  5. The independent endorsement of your work, expertise and professionalism. 

  6. An edge over the award and new business opportunities.


The Academy of micromovie and Transmedia (AMT) is a company limited by guarantee (a not-for-profit organisation) incorporated in English and Wales. 


The Academy refers to one or more of the Academy of micromovie and transmedia ltd, which offices in the UK, Hong Kong and other regions. AMT and each of these member corporations are legally separate and independent entities. The Office of AMT in Hong Kong is the management association to promote the development and marketing of Golden Image Awards worldwide. Besides, it is also involved in the planning, contact and shipping of certificates, trophies and plaques of the Golden Image Awards.

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