Sponsorship is a great way to create visibility and traffic for your organization and target market. As The Academy's sponsor, you can play a very active role ahead on our award ceremonies, while ensuring a positive impact and return on investment for your organisation. 

The Golden Image Awards provide a platform to help sponsors delivering breakthrough media content and commerce experience that deepen customer's engagement, strengthen brand recognition and improve business performance. 

Following Benefits include: 
1. Take Advantage: The Academy invites a well-known guest from the industry for each of our events and award ceremonies. Sponsors' are able to interact and grow popularity and audiences through our communities. 

2. Promotion: Sponsor's company and information will be listed on our promotional materials and events to broaden audiences and easier to engage with experts from the industry. 

3. Lead: The Academy's award ceremonies platform is highly visible to showcase your leadership and pioneering initiatives. All sponsors are invited to our events and will be seated next to distinguish guests on the front seats of the stage.

Sponsorship Application

Click here to apply as a sponsor

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