Who Can Participate

All nominations can be referred by at least one nominator or by previous award recipients, fellows and the Board of Committee themselves. All nominations must fulfil a minimum of TWO CRITERIA respectively (Please refer to Criteria and Adjudication for detailed information)

Companies businesses must be in operation for at least 1 year

If a company operates as a group, the holding company and its subsidiaries can be separately nominated by the nominator or by the advisory committee

Nominated company or individual must not have any criminal background or offences.

Each year, members of academies, businesses, consumers, previous Fellows and members of committee assemble and are asked to submit candidates for the Golden Image Award for the coming year. These nominators are chosen in such a way that as many countries and individuals as possible are represented over time. After receiving all nominations, the election committees of the institution are responsible for the selection of the candidates. 

During the nomination period, nominator's information will be strictly disclosed due to privacy policy and personal protection. 


Previous Awards Presentation Ceremony

November 28th 2019 at HKPC


There are Criteria under the scheme. To qualify for the Golden Image Award, all nominations must fulfil a minimum of 2 Criteria below.

All participating companies /organisations/individuals must bring diverse talents, cultures and industrial knowledge to foster the creation, marketing and development of Creative and Innovative field.

Encourage new invention, people and thoughts in the industry in order to educate the new generations and continue the cycle of quality in the field.

Recognizing exceptional achievement in the field of work.

All entries should demonstrate an outstanding track record in sustainable, creative, resourceful or educational.

 All recipients shall participate in the award presentation ceremony to publicity connect with the others in the event. 


After nominators have provided the details and had passed the basic evaluation by the board of committee, the administrative staff will then notify nominated companies/ organisations/ individuals regarding the award. As the amount may be large, administrative staff will give one week for the nominee to the response their intention or else the nomination will be passed onto the next company/individual of the same field of work.


All recipients are allowed to use the academy's logos

logo design 2 .png


Granted to all Golden Image Award recipients to commend and give recognition to their businesses.


Licensing Agreement

By using these logos above, the person agrees with the following terms and conditions of using the logos.

  1. The Academy of Micromovie and Transmedia & British Institute of Innovative Enterprises (Licensor) grants the purchaser (Licensee) a non-exclusive, non-transferable license for the use of these logos (the Seal).

  2. Use of the seal may not in any way imply endorsement of advertising claims. 

  3. The Licensor will provide specification and digital art in full colour to the licensee. 

  4. The seal cannot be translated into any other language. The English version should be used internationally. 

  5. The licensee cannot alter the appearance of the seal. 

  6. The licensee will response the applicable seal only from the digital artwork of the Licensor. 

  7. The Licensor will not approve the use of its seal on the following websites, online media and print media sexually oriented media, political media, controlled substances and unlawful media. 

  8. The licensor shall have no liability whatsoever for any coast, damages or losses increased in connection with any claims arising out of the use of the seal. 

  9. The licensor retains the rights to change such terms and conditions of use as is deemed necessary by the licensor. such changes will be posted on the licensor's website. it is the responsibility of the licensee to check the site for updates. 

  10. Purchase of the license implies that the licensee has read and accepted these terms and conditions. 

  11. The Licensor will have the right to terminate this licensing agreement on giving License not less than 30 days written notice without compensation if the licensee breaches this licensing agreement.